16 Oct 2015

Discover 7 Natural Easy Weight Loss Tips

If you are planning of weight loss, these weight loss tips are recommended for best result. Losing weight brings more health benefits to our bodies and also helps in reducing some diseases risk that may occur.
Follow me as I will be explaining 7 natural easy weight loss tips one after the other.
Natural Easy Weight Loss Tips

7 Natural Weight Loss Tips

1. Lift Weights
Weight lifting really helps in losing weight. Women don’t build up huge muscles the way men do and burns more calories when you are at rest, so having more muscles means you’re burning more calories.

2. Make Small Changes to Your Diet
Make small changes to your diet, such as replacing 1 soda with 1 glass of water, replacing 1 bag of chips for 1 bag of carrots etc. Make sure they are changes that you can keep up.

3. Eat More Fruits
Eating fruits like blueberries, pineapple, and kiwi can help in weight loss because they are all high in antioxidants.

4. Exercise Regularly
Exercise every day or at least 5 days a week is a great way to lose weight. 30 minutes exercise daily is enough.

5. Add Lemon to your Water
Lemon and water or mix with honey is a natural weight loss tip. Drink this mixture daily early in the morning before taking any meal will help in losing weight gradually.

6. Cardio Exercise
Do cardio exercise for 30 minutes a day or just start with just plain old walking. Also try running for 2 minutes bursts throughout your 30 minutes walk; it’s said to boost metabolism by keeping your body guessing. 

7. Drink Green Tea
Drink green tea before working out. Green tea is said, but not proven, to help burn calories during a workout. It’s also high in antioxidant.

All of these are best natural easy weight loss tips that can help in losing weight gradually not rapidly.

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