12 Oct 2015

Discover 7 Health Benefits of Honey

There are so many health benefits of honey for healthy body. Honey is a sweet and viscous fluid produced by honey bees from nectar of flower raw materials through a process of regurgitation and evaporation. Contents certain in honey are abundant Vitamins, calories, enzymes, water, and much more. Honey is beneficial to human life, but sometimes people do not know the uses and benefits of honey. This article will cover some health benefits of honey in human life. 
Discover 7 Health Benefits of Honey

7 Health Benefits of Honey for the Body

1.) Honey adds Energy
One of the health benefits of honey is that honey serves as an energy booster as well as an energy source. Carbohydrates are found in honey provide the energy for our bodies. Contained glucose in the honey is absorbed by the body quickly provide a boost of energy in our body.

2.) Remedy for Dry and Cracked Lips
Dry and cracked lips can be treated by using the honey that is by applying it to lips. In addition to medication dry lips and chapped lips smeared, honey can make the lips red and moist and not dry mouth as a remedy for disorders such as canker sores, swollen gums.

3.) Increase the Immune System
Another one of the health benefits of honey is that honey can be an immune system booster. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties in honey help the digestive system and make the body fight diseases.

4.) As an Acne Medicine
Honey is a natural remedy of acne cure. Apply honey on the pimples and leave for half an hour then rinse with clean water. Repeat the same step to get rid of acne.

5.) Weight Loss
You can get weight loss by eating honey before bed. And replace intake of sugars with honey.

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6.) As Healing Burns
Honey is very viscous so that it can absorb water that was around the burned skin tissue.

7.) As a Tonic for the Heart
One of the other benefits of honey is that minerals and sugars contained in honey serves as a tonic for the heart. Heart muscles work relentlessly so that it always required glucose to replace the lost energy.

The above are 7 health benefits of honey. If you also have any other health benefits that honey has done for you, feel free to let us know with comment box.

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