1 Oct 2015

Discover 4 Easy Workouts that Burn Fat

Do you know that there are easy workouts that burn fat? If you’re like many people, you might say cardio workouts. But in reality, cardio without weight training and strength training is doing you little good. The more muscle you have in your body, the less room there is for fat. And since muscle burns fat you burn calories even after your workouts when you use strength training as part of your routine.
4 Easy Workouts that Burn Fat

If muscle burn fat, then, the workouts that burn the most fat are those that combine the most muscle groups. Here I will list the easy workouts that burn fat for you so that you will prepare for them in the next session because they had really helped me. 

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4 Easy Workouts That Burn Fat

1. Squats
If you’re trying to work out without including squats in your routine, stop right now and add them in. I love and hate squats. I love them because of what they do for my weight loss and my running. But while I’m doing them I usually hate them a little bit because they really do make you work! You’re not only working nearly all your leg muscles, but you get a great about workout, too.

2. Mountain climbers
Mountain climbers are not the most fun exercise in the world, especially when you are just getting started doing them. But as you build muscle and strength you’ll start to love them more and more. You have to engage your abs, use your legs, support yourself with your arms, and keep back in shape in order to complete a mountain climber. So it’s essentially a total body workout for your muscles. They will wipe you out but they’ll burn calories for hours after you’re done, too. Mountain climber is a good workout that really burn that insane burn fat in your body.

3. Russian Twists
This exercise works your entire core, which burns most of your calories because it takes up so much of your energy. You couldn’t do anything without your core muscles, and you use them all day long, so it’s important to work on your core. But also, Russian twists help work your shoulders, arms, glutes, and upper legs as well as inner and outer thighs.

4. Bicycles
Bicycles are an exceptionally great way of targeting your abs because you have to use almost of your abs muscles in order to complete the exercise. Where crunches or sit-ups might focus only on upper abs or lower abs, bicycles also focus on all areas of your core, plus your arms and legs, too. So you get overall workout that is sure to burn mega calories.
Those are the best workouts that burn fat in your body if you can try them one after the other and find the one that is the best for you. If you also have another workout that has really helped you, don’t forget to share your experience with others
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