9 Oct 2015

18 Reasons You Should Drink Enough Water

Many people find it difficult to drink enough water always maybe early in the morning, before taking meal, or at anytime. Humans are 50% water and cells are 80% water according to researchers. There are so many reasons why you should drink water every day because dehydration kills slowly and painfully. The blood becomes thick and brain suffocates when there is no sufficient water in our body.
  Let your friends and families who do not drink enough water know the reasons why they should drink water. Although our bodies get water from fruits and vegetables, but the best and easiest source for our bodies to work with is water itself.
Reasons you should Drink enough water

  We will discover that when someone failed to drink enough water for about one or more days, such person will have health problem in his or her body system. However, when drinking water make sure it is a clean and purified one before drinking it.

These are the reasons you should inculcate in the habit of drinking enough water every day:

1.) It boost metabolism

2.) It makes you smarter. Just by drinking water, you are already smarter than people who do not drink water because of the massive benefits

3.) It promotes kidney health

4.) It prevents kidney diseases

5.) It relieves pains

6.) It helps in weight loss

7.) It reduces acne

8.) It provides better nutrient delivery to the body

9.) It regulates temperature

10.) It improves digestion

11.) It reduces the risk of heart attack by 50% over drinkers of milk

12.) It flushes toxins and bacteria from the body.

13.) It prevents dehydration

14.) It prevents overeating and hungers

15.) It protects against joint damage

16.) It helps generates better hair

17.) It helps maintain body fluid balance

18.) It boosts the immune system

Those are the health benefits that you will get when you drink enough water every day.

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