29 Aug 2015

11 Ways to Lower the Risk of Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease in women is very common especially after the age of 40. We’ve all heard how heart disease can kill a woman more times than a man. Are women the weaker character? No, the statistics are skewed because women will not show the typical heart disease or heart attack signs that a man will. Their symptoms are much tamer and typically they aren’t seemed for heart disease until it is far too late for treatment. Knowing the signs and how to lower the risk of heart disease in women is a good way to stay on top of the curve and keep them from becoming a statistic.
How to lower the risk of heart disease in women

Some of the signs of heart attack or heart disease in women include tiredness, nausea, back pain, anxiety, chest pain or tightness that radiates to the ear and jaw, and trouble breathing and sleeping. Others are as obscure as a pain above the belly button area. There are good tests that can tell if you are at higher risk of heart disease that you should have if you show any of these symptoms. These tests include an EKG and a heart stress test. These tests can show weakness of the heart, blockage, or murmurs.
To lower the risk of heart attack or heart disease in women is a good way to start heart healthy. Here are some of the ways to lower the risk of heart disease
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  • ·        Reduce your stress levels and your anger through deep breathing and yoga intake

  • ·        Reduces your weight, as obesity can overwork the heart muscle

  • ·        Keep your blood pressure in check, making sure it isn’t too high

  • ·        Eat right with a low fat and low cholesterol diet plan
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  • ·        Don’t smoke especially if you are on the birth control pill
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  • ·        Reduce your salt intake

  • ·        Don’t take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for your menopausal symptoms

  • ·        Exercise and visit with doctor often to have checkups

  • ·        Control the cholesterol numbers that you have

  • ·        Control your diabetes if you are diabetic

  • ·        Explore your family history to see if you are at higher risk for heart disease

Even small steps to lower your risk could have big rewards later on your life. Being healthy and active can help you keep your heart in tip top shape and your arteries free from plaque and buildup. With the above mention tips, women can lower the risk of heart disease.

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