30 Aug 2015

4 Ways to Relieve Pain Naturally

There are some ways to relieve pain naturally without going the local drugstore. If you’ve ever suffered a toothache or some back pain you’ve probably popped some aspirin from local drugstore for a quick fix. According to research from Healthy Living, using an over the counter fix for common health problems can result in intestinal damage, liver failure, and more medical issues.
To avoid these ailments you can try any of these 4 ways to relieve pain naturally if you are suffering from pain and you will get better result in quicker time.
Ways to relieve pain naturally

1.) Heat
If you suffer back pain or you have a huge amount of tension in your muscles, heat therapy could provide you much needed relief. Often after snow boarding as a child for long periods, I would have extremely tight muscles that were painful until relaxed, and heat always did the trick. Heat therapy from heated blanket or standard heating pad will quickly bring you the relief you need.

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2.) Grapes
If you like grapes you may want to try a cup of these delicious fruits for relief from back pain and tension. A study from Ohio University states that once cup will promote circulation which helps relieve pain in that area of the body. Along with this grapes have a large variety of health benefits from the vitamins and hydrating features that will refresh you and make you feel even better. If you are planning to get pain relieve naturally, try grapes.

3.) Candy
Studies have shown that eating sweet food like candy or cookies could offer benefits as an all natural way to relieve pain. The brain sends good signals to the body that counteract the pain in the form of endorphins. This is shown by giving juice or a piece of candy to a child who has a small scrape or cut; and they stop crying almost immediately. Next time you get a cut try crunching down on a piece of candy before you try the drugstore.

4.) Get some Sleep
One thing I noticed when I was working long hours that my body pain was increasing the less sleep I was getting. It’s recommended to get at least eight hours of good rest per day. This is a good way to relieve pain naturally because once you sleep your body systems will back to their position.
  If you experience pain or discomfort in your body, try any of these for some much needed pain relief and relaxation. However, consult your doctor if any of these way to relieve pain naturally did not work for you.
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